More EternaBond

This morning, I finished off the area around the bathroom vent and skylight. I am repairing, but I am not finishing up cosmetically as I go, so I will have to come back later clean, prime, and coat each area that I worked on. But I am thinking I should be able to do more than one of those at a time, so that’s why I’m doing it this way, repair first, finishing later.

I will be taking a little break from the roof, because I have used up all my EternaBond tape. Today, I ordered another roll and this time I ordered 3 inch wide tape and I will just use scissors and split it down the middle (making it 1.5 inches wide) for most of the stuff that I do, and if I need a wider piece of tape I will have it. I ordered the 3-inch by 50-feet row.

A break from the roof is nice, but there are plenty more things I can do on the RV and around my little RV lot. I will wait till tomorrow morning to see which of the jobs I will do next 🤔.

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