Yesterday, I cleaned up my lot a bit, mostly trim pine trees and rake pine needles. The trees are a bit of work to have, but I sure do like them in my lot. Today I did do a few things, rearrange things in my lot and put a few things away. Re-stacked my solar panels that I had stacked flat on the ground. I stood them up on edge and stacked them against a post, and that takes up a lot less space. Looks a bit better too, and I am not having to constantly walk around them now. I also re-stacked my little scrap wood pile that I keep under the RV. Lots of little wood pieces for small wood projects. Also, I threw about a bushel basket full of scrap wood away, all very small pieces. With the price of lumber nowadays, I am reluctant to throw any kind of wood away.

Three of my dog friends came around today for their treats, milk-bones for the bigger dogs and little Bacon treats for the small one. My friend John in the park brings Toto (little dog) over about every day for treats. I think it may be the other way around, Toto brings John over so Toto can get his treats. John says, Toto starts this way the first chance he gets, πŸ˜€.
Evan, the landlord’s grandson, has two dogs, and they will come by for a milk-bone when they can.

We had a good rain here last night and I can find no leaks in the RV, I have done well πŸ˜€πŸ‘. I still have work to do, but I got the main areas right off and just in time for the monsoons around here. My timing was a good piece of luck.

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    1. Thanks, yes, I am happy! The 5th wheel had a leak in the skylight, and it took me some time to figure out what worked on these RV roofs. Sadly, the internet is full of misinformation.

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