Hard Work Today

Pictures : Today I got back to some harder work. I went on the other side of the fence and did some more clearing and picking up. My tools are shovel, rake, reciprocating saw and a 5 gallon bucket to carry pine needles and other small stuff, and I must have carried at least 50 buckets away and dragged a good many bushes away too. I take the bushes and pine needles 30 to 50 feet farther away from the fence out into the desert. I pick up the trash and throw it in my lot to be taken to the dumpster later. At any rate, I worked for about 3 and a half hours.

Here is a shot looking toward the neighbor’s lot. After the first time I went over the fence and clean mine up, he cut a few brush out behind his rig too. However, the thing I wanted to show you with this shot is if you follow the Fence line down, you can see where the brushes take over the fence completely. That is pretty much how it all looked behind my rig when I started.
Start of Fence

Here is where I have cleared away much of the bushes and other junk. You can see the darker areas of sand where I raked and cleared this morning. The lighter sand area is the neighbor to the other side of me (Not part of the RV park) and you can see how much he has cleared away over the years.
Worked area

I think it is good ideal to clean this area up because it looks better and is less of a home for mice, snakes and such. Maybe a couple more times over the fence will get it looking better to me. 😀

So that is what I have been up to for my work today.

Weather : We had some fine weather for working this morning with mild temperatures and overcast skies keeping the sun off me, a prefect day to work outside. Here is the afternoon (About 2 pm) the sun has come out, and it is starting to feel a bit warmer, but still not that bad.

RV Roof : There is still more work I want to do on the roof, just waiting on some materials for now. Also, there are a few other projects that I want to do on the RV, but they can wait.

Have a nice day folks.


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