Too Cocky

Okay, I got a little too cocky yesterday, kind of down in the back and hip today. A day off and a few city chores as I moved around a bit slowly. At 70, I don’t get alone with the shovel and rake near as well as I once did. Actually, I think it was packing away stuff in the 5 gallon bucket that got to my hip, (Mostly pine needles and sand mixed). At any rate, it was a take-it-easy day. I think another night of rest will get me recovered enough to get going on something else.

The heat is starting to come back up a bit, making it into the 90s today. Give me more rain and cooler temperatures, please! Hey, one can wish 😀.

It is Wednesday and tonight is Nature and Nova on PBS, so that’ll be my evening entertainment. There isn’t much I watch on TV anymore, but I like those two shows.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a more productive day, guess we’ll see.

Night Folks.

14 thoughts on “Too Cocky

  1. Well, years do count John. I’m not seventy yet but also I feel I’m not twenty anymore. Oh! The swiftness of youth! 🙂 Luckely there’s no guy with a whip behind us forcing us to break our backs. A day rest, or two, or even three when needed, why not? The paradox is: the less time we got left, the more time we have on our side. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Peter, the old bones recovered in a day … except one, you can read about it in today post 😀. It is a good thing the guy with the whip is not about ….

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  2. John, what are we going to do with you? 😜 it’s easy to overdo it! I enjoy any shows on PBS and because I grew up with it, I love Antique Roadshow. I’m all about nature shows and old westerns, lol. Please take care of yourself! I’m off to oncologist today and round 2 starts tomorrow! I’ll have to find some good shows as it will be in 90’s here. Ick! Keep the faith friend! ☺️

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    1. Hi Karla, it is too easy to overdo things anymore, or so it seems. Karla, I hope that visit went well for you and the aftermath of it. Stay cool over your way 😀. It is in the 90s here too, hope the rain comes back ….

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      1. Yes it is easy to overdo it (and I’m the pot calling the kettle black). My bloodwork was great at my appt. I began chemo today and the glucose level plummeted early. I’ll see an endocrinologist next Wednesday. The best news I received is that my youngest son’s transfer is Aug 31st (Whiteman AFB~Kansas City!). He and his family will only be less than 4 hours away. My oldest and his family will move from Alaska to Abilene (quite a stark contrast, lol) and only be 7 1/2 hours away…eventually. I’m staying positive and keeping the faith~even if I’m a bit nauseous and fatigued. It will be 100 degrees (actual temps) two days next week~slight chance of rain this weekend. Things are drying up! Please take care and happy July! ☺️💪🏻

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        1. It is great that your kids are moving closer to you. Glad to hear that you are staying upbeat about it all, you show great strength.
          100℉ is not so good, I am lucky for now, and it is only hitting the 90s here. I hope you get some cooler weather soon, 100 is no fun. I will stay hidden for the holidays, and I hope you have a very nice 4th and a July that brings good things your way.

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