One Bone

Well, after the second day away from the shovel and rake all the bones were in good shape … except that one ever so persistent, constantly irritating, just under the surface, able to hide, and move about unnoticed and jumping out of nowhere to get your bone …….
YES, IT IS THE LAZY BONE!! It has been a real problem for the last couple of days ☺️! I am hoping that it’s irritation will pass soon, so I can get back to getting things done again. Other than that, it is just the normal little aches and pains of age.

I have a lot of stuff I could take a go at, and I’ll pick one soon … hopefully. Of course, Monday/Tuesday my material for the roof should be in, so and that’ll be a definite, get her done job.

That is my whole story, the old lazy bone.

Everyone, please have a safe and fun weekend.