iCloud Email

iCloud Email …. today I set up an iCloud email account, and you would think that would be dirt simply if you already have a Mac and iPhone set up with Apple ID …. but no it was a pain on both the Mac and iPhone, but we got it done. Most things Apple be it iPhone or Mac is pretty simple but now and then they seem to go out of their way to make things a bit hard. I think the problem comes in when trying to understand that there is an Apple ID and a iCloud ID, and you need to use a iCloud ID for the iCloud email. Also, on both the iPhone and Mac, I had to find and turn off/on a few different privacy settings here and there. For example, one of the last things I had to do on the iPhone was turn on allow cellular data for email. I sometimes sat around and go through settings and turn off anything that I don’t need, and at the time I wasn’t using the email, so I turned the cellular data off for it and forgot about it, but month/years later … Well there you go, back to the old saying of my friend (Barry),” It’s hard being me.”!!

That Bone … the “Lazy Bone” is still being very irritating. LOL. The only excuse I have for now, is that it is the weekend and a holiday weekend too. Maybe I’ll just leave that old lazy bone alone for a while, to see if it gets better on its own. 😩
I must tell you, that I find doing things on the computer much more fun than all them physical labor type things, even when I know they got to be done.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.