Old but still Working Fine

Pictures : Today’s picture is of my first two thumb-drives! How old are they, you ask? Well, I am not sure, but I would think at least 20 years. The one with the red strips is a 64 MB drive and the other is a 128 MB drive. Now this might be scary to you, but the 64 MB I used to back up my passwords, I kid you not. Of course, I have the passwords backed up in 3 other places too 😀. This 64 MB drive is my most used drive (I often changed password and add passwords and each time I back them up), and it has never given me a bit of trouble. I do have USB drives in 64, 128 and bigger GB sizes, but sometimes I wish I could still buy the small USB Drives in MB sizes. I find that I seldom need any sizes in gigabytes, even when working in an office. How old is your oldest USB Thumb Drive that you still use?


Today I have been changing online accounts from other email addresses to my new iCloud email address, so I have been using the old USB drive a lot today, each change means a new backup. Many people just use one email address, but I have 4 active email addresses and I use them all. I use different addresses for different things. I am wanting to fade one of the 4 email addresses out and get it down to 3, so I am moving things around a bit. Hey, by the way, I am not all that kind of busy that I require 4 email addresses, I just like to do it that way.

So that is how I am spending my Holiday.

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