Airdrop with VPN

Today I worked on the area behind my RV again and cleared away some more brush. Got a big bush out that was very close to the ground and a good place for critters to hide. I worked for about two and half hours and called it a day. Didn’t want to over do things like I did last time, πŸ‘.

Airdrop with VPN on, but devices not connected to the internet, so it doesn’t matter.
Airdrop with a iPhone, Mac and VPN, I have been trying to figure this out for some time now. I can’t do it like you normally would, because I keep my VPN running constantly if connected to the internet, and that breaks airdrop. But today I got it figured out! I prefer to never be connected to the internet unless the VPN is running, I sometimes do but not very often. I could airdrop by disconnecting the VPN, but preferred not to. However, I finally figured out that I could momentarily disconnect from the Internet but leave the Wi-Fi running, and then I could airdrop. Wi-Fi is β€œon” for both the iPhone and the Mac, but neither one connected, and of course the Bluetooth and Airdrop has to be on, that works fine. I kept reading online forums and stuff on the internet that the only way to use airdrop was to disconnect from the VPN, and there was no way around it. I did not want to be connected to the internet without the VPN. Then I decided to search for airdrop without internet and bingo! That, to me, is the easiest way to go about it … and it only took me a year and half to learn that, LOL. It is always the simple little things that escape me.

Yes, this is a bit inconvenient, but privacy often demands a bit of inconvenience. Only takes a few seconds after you figure out all the little clicks to click.

And that, my friends, is the full report on the old backbone use and the not so-fast-brain activity going on with RV John today!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.