Going easy Today

I am not getting anything done today. That’s okay, nothing urgent that has got to be done. Plenty to do, but nothing urgent 😀. Of late, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I need to do and not as much doing them, LOL. The heat is not helping motivate me and there is just a touch of humidity in there too, mind you nothing like back east but, I can feel it.

I have seen one Rufus Hummer this morning, so it won’t be long before there are lots of them fussing over the feeder. I look forward to them.

Later Folks.


5 thoughts on “Going easy Today

  1. Thinking about what you need to do can’t be thorough enough! It’s like building a piece of Ikea-furniture – get one piece wrong and one is not only feeling like an idiot but also has to start all over again. Better thinking things over a bit extra then rushing into action. 🙂 I blame you not John. To hot is to hot and better days will come. (And hummers!)

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    1. “Thinking about it” Well, you know, if there was more than one of me, I think I would call a meeting and have a big chat about it all, LOL. However, seeing as it is only I, at some point I will have to stop procrastinating and get it done! This is Sunday, so I’m chilling a bit today too, but tomorrow I will have no excuses.

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  2. Hi, John! Good to “see” you! I understand! The heat index was 110 for a couple of days~a nice break yesterday and it’s coming back! It’s the dog days of summer and I’m hanging on! Take care!

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    1. Hi Karla, I hope this reply finds you feeling well and in good spirits. I hope that heat index of yours is not in Fahrenheit, because that is hot! I hope your heat passes soon.
      Karla, I think about you and how you are doing with your treatments, and I have high hopes that you are doing good with that. All my best wishes coming your way 👍.

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      1. Hi John! Yes, it looks like temps in the upper 90’s and even 100’s again next week ~no rain in sight. Fahrenheit! I’m staying upbeat, although my stomach upset after beginning 2nd chemo pill last night (but I haven’t got TOO sick yet!). 4 more nights and I have two weeks off again! I appreciate your good wishes! Please take care my friend! 😁

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