Side Tracked

Last night it rained a bit and I notice that water was dripping down between one of my window awnings and the RV, so this morning I checked it out and sure enough it was loose and pulled away from the RV about a half inch or so. Maybe all the wind had pulled it loose. At any rate, the holes for the mounting screws were rimmed out, so the screws needed to be replaced with bigger ones and I will add a few more for strength. I got it snubbed back up and will add the screws and silicon tomorrow. Of course, there were two trips to the hardware store to take up my time too. It took all my morning and I still have more to do.
With all the wind here, I don’t usually want to leave any of my awnings out, but this is the one where I set my fan to blow in cool air at night into the bedroom and I wanted it out to keep the water away from the window when it rains. It is also a very small awning, seeing as it only covers the one window. However, the wind must have been too much for it. We did have one day when the wind came up really fast and hard, that was likely a little too much for the awning. Wind and awnings don’t play well together. I never leave the big awning out, just too likely to get damaged by wind out here in the west. Maybe if I had one of those with the wind sensor, however that’s probably not a good ideal either, because one time I’ve seen a person get their awning took out by one of the little dust devils that you see so many of around here. There is no build up to those, they just hit you.
As much as I fuss about the wind out here in the west, I still, think it is the best of all weather evils. It beats tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms, ice storms, snow storms and the many other multitudes of bad weather we get across the US.

So there you have it, a morning in the life of RV John, and as for the afternoon I am just hiding from the heat.

Have a nice day, Folks.


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  1. In the Netherlands, where I live, we have a very modarate climate, (almost) never really hot, (almost) never really cold, nor dry nor wet, although the last years dry spells and heavy rain alternate more then it used to be. The only thing we got to worry about is keeping our feet dry, for a large part on the land is below sea level. So we are dyke masters! 🙂 I’ve seen those dust devils you were writing about and tumble weed rolling through the sandy streets of old mining towns. I like them, romantically, they make me think of Western movies, where I am a fan off. Have a good day too John.

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    1. Hey Peter, where you live sounds like a fine place to live. The below sea level don’t sound too cool, but if you have it under control as dyke master, all is good. 👍

      The dust devils are fun from a distance to watch, but they can be a bit messy if they hit you. Most of the time they are no big deal even if they do hit you, they usually turn over a chair or two, maybe make a mess of your trash but nothing major. Typically …..
      The tumbleweeds I have seen on main streets in some good size towns, they get around. I had a friend that live in an open area of the desert, and he had a fence around his yard and the tumbleweeds would pile to the top of it and grow in an ever-growing stack behind it. He would mow them up with his riding mower for the most part, but he had to do a lot of hand work too.

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    1. I think I have taken to the southwest, and I really enjoy living here. I’ve always had a healthy respect for nature, regardless of where it is. You know, no matter where you are, there is always some beauty and pleasure given to you by nature. One has just got to learn to enjoy it 😀👍. As I think of all the places I’ve been, I can always remember things I enjoyed about that place, especially on the nature side of it.

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