One Down, Many to Go

This morning I finished off the small awning over the bedroom window, so hopefully I won’t have any more trouble out of it. Maybe tomorrow morning I will get back to the roof work.

I think one of my downfalls when it comes to repairing an RV is that I can’t seem to lay a nice neat straight bead of sealant to save my life! It always turns into a mess! I wonder how they make them so neat at the factory? They must have a person that only does that all day and gets superb at it. I start working on an area, and before you know it I have sealant 2 or 3 inches from where I am working. I spend more time cleaning up than I do sealing. Oh well, that is the way it goes, one has to work with one’s own like of skills! Always makes me appreciate getting back to things I can do well.

The last couple of days have been mostly overcast, and that is an enjoyable break from the summer sun. It makes working outside much more pleasant, and helps keep the RV cooler.

Have a nice day Folks.