Fashionably Late

Today was chores and a Doctor’s appointment, which always takes longer than it should, both chores and doctors. Doctors have that fashionably late thing down, for sure. No matter, doctors are a needed part of life, so you just deal with it.
On the whole, I think most Doctors and Nurses go out of their way to help you, however I find that in about all medical institutes whether VA or private, administrator people are definitely liking in motivation. Maybe it’s just my experience, but I’m thinking that I’m seeing a pattern.

Nothing much done around the RV today. I did take apart one of the fantastic fans because the crank up mechanism was loose. One screw had dropped out and become loss and the other one was loose. Also took a hanger off the wall that I don’t need any more. Other than those two little things, not a thing done on the RV today.

Weather, the hot is back, I saw 97 on my thermometer today. Weather report says we got the oh 100s coming back at us again. Last night I slept without the AC on, but I was a little warm and didn’t sleep too well, perhaps tonight I’ll break over and spend some money on AC 🤔! Looks like the report says it will be near 80 tonight (77 I think) but the next few nights after that will be in the lower 70s. 80 is a little too warm for my sleeping.

Night Folks