Last Vent

Last vent 80% done. I got back to the roof today and worked a little over 3 hours, but by about 11 am it was near 90 ℉ and I give it up for the day. I still have to clean up the Max Air vent cover mounts and remount them and put the cover on. This vent was in the center of the RV the other two vents were near the edge and I could stand on the ladder and work on them, for this one, I had to kneel on my knees, lay on the roof or try setting flat on the roof … none of these option worked very well for this old dude! So it took me a bit longer, and it was a tougher job. Although working from the ladder is not great, it sure beats trying to lie around on the roof and work.

Okay, I am going to chill and stay cooled off 🙂.

Have a nice day folks.