Little Details

This morning I did do some work on the Vent cover, but didn’t remount it yet. This one had of a bit of mess on the mounts, nuts, and bolts that hold it. Lots of cleaning … would have likely got things done much faster had I just went I bought new nuts and bolts, but I just took my time and cleaned up the old ones. I did have to buy some for attaching the mounts to the roof. The old ones were a mix of this and that. Mind you, I’m only talking about 4 screws here, but a couple were long and a couple short, and the long ones were just regular screws and the short ones were self-tapping. Anyway, I went to the hardware store and got 4 new and slightly thicker self-tapping screws, with a length in between the short and long ones I took out. Why self-tapping? Well, they have to go through the rubber roof and the wood under it and the metal flange of the vent. Why not use the old holes? Couple of the 4 holes are rounded out bigger. Also, the plastic Vents are cracked at some mounting locations where someone over tightened them, luckily the plastic vents have a pair of holes at each mounting point, but using the second mounting hole will require moving the mount a little left or right of its original spot. All this is little details but time-consuming, nonetheless. Really not much left to do on the vent, likely half-an-hour’s work after I get started on it.

I spend my afternoons inside out of the heat, and most of the time I am just goofing off. I am on the computer a lot, researching or just wasting time, a little of both. The heat is hot, hot and more hot. Getting near a 100 each day now and when it is that hot I don’t want anything to do went the outside.
I did run my AC last night, just too dang hot at night to try sleeping without it. Yes, I’ll pay a little more on my electric bill, but I feel like I’ll get over that, LOL.

One day I will get back to taking some picture, I promise.

Have a nice day folks.