Pictures : This morning I pulled some things loose and looked around behind the Electric panels. It does in fact look to be isolated which is good, however there was no way to vent the heat, so I added holds to the front and will add a fan if needed. I am guessing that it was just collecting hot air from the roof and holding it behind the panels, resulting in the area getting hotter and hotter. However, it could be the insulation behind the electronics could not be efficient enough, and it is in fact getting heat from the refrigerator. If that turns out to be the case, it will be a bigger job, so I am hoping the heat is coming from the roof. Maybe my vent holds will help, and maybe not, we’ll see. There is a cabinet door that goes over all of this, however it just simply flips up, and I could do that on the hot summer days. It is up high and out of the way, so I won’t be bumping my head when the cabinet door is flipped up 🙂. The holds I made are only 1.5 inches (3.81 cm), but I could make them bigger if required.

The AC breaker panel you can see, the DC fuse is the panel to the right of that, and the other box to the left is the climate control unit or half of it anyway.
Hot ele3

So, that is today’s adventures.

Weather: = Hot! Yes, it is hot enough to make the old dude fuss about it.

Have a nice day Folks.