Cool Electric

Pictures : Okay, I had to add a fan to the area above the refrigerator, and that seems to have done the job. I still have to mount the switch, run my wire a little better, and add a LED indicator. The temperature seems to be staying at about the same as inside the RV, which is much better. Before the fan, it was much hotter than room temperature. It is 100+ today and the sun was out till just a few minutes ago and the Electric breaker boxes were staying cool. I have ordered a LED indicator light from Amazon, and it should be here in a week or so. I’ll clean up my work and add the LED light, when it gets here. This area will be behind a cabin door, but I at least want it to be safe with the wiring.

Fan ele

Weather : Up until just a few minutes ago, the sun was out, and it was hot. Well, it’s still hot, but the sun is gone, the wind has picked up, and it is now browned out, as in dusty air. Oh, just checked and the temperature has dropped 5°, that’s a good thing 👍. The weather app says there’s a 40% chance of rain, and I’m cheering for it!

I didn’t get anything done for today, the little above was yesterday’s work. Hopefully I find and do something productive tomorrow.

Night Folks.