Over the Fence

Today I worked a couple of hours behind the RV lot clearing a few more things away. It gives me a bit of exercise and makes the place look a bit better too.

The roof awaits me, 🤔. I am hoping for just slightly cooler days now that I’m at a point where things are not critical on the roof, as in, it won’t leak if it rains! I kind of went at it crazily, until I felt like I had all the areas that could possibly leak redone, and now I am feeling a bit more relaxed about it all. Well … all that said above, or I’m just getting lazy, not sure which!

I went to pick up my mail at the mail service today and on the way back I stopped at Sonic (Fast Food Place) and pushed the red button to order. I cannot tell a lie, what I had in mind was a great big old strawberry milkshake 🍧🍓. After you push the red button, a little line comes up at the bottom of the screen and tells you the red button is activated and to please wait for someone to answer, (basically what it says, not the exact words). But at any rate, after 10 minutes I give it up after no one answer, probably just as well because I certainly didn’t need a milkshake. I must admit, I still got that milkshake on my mind ….. I’m trying hard to be good.

Everyone have a great weekend.