Today I went out to the LoW-Hi RV Park and visited with folks I know. Something for me to do on a Saturday morning. Was nice to get out for a bit, even if it wasn’t a lot of β€œout”, πŸ™‚. Also, good to visit with folks.

Not a lot to talk about today, I haven’t done anything and don’t plan on doing anything, so there!

On the RV, I’m just not sure what I want to tackle next. The roof is on top of the list, but I might wait for days that are going to be less than 90Β° as a high. That way, when I start in the mornings, it will be cooler and not get too hot as the morning passes. Yes, that’s it, I am thinking πŸ€” today, so there, it is not a complete waste! Well, okay, that might be debatable, depending on with whom you talk to 🀣.

Yesterday I talked with a friend by phone, that I have not seen for some years, and he is still out RVing and boon docking, makes me wonder why I am not out there. He is in the high forest over in AZ at about 7000 feet (2,133.6 m) elevation. Just thinking about it makes me feel cooler, πŸ€”. Oh well, maybe again one day.

Have a nice day, folks.


7 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. Thinking is a hard job, John! Like you, it’s super hot here. 4th straight week of little rain and another week of temps in the 100’s! Ugh. I’d love cooler weather and some rain for sure! Take care my friend!

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    1. Well, for some of us, thinking is hard (Me) LOL. Karla, I hope you are doing well. Old hot weather seems to be wild spread. I am a little shocked when I look at heat wave maps of the US.

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      1. I’m hanging in there, John! Although my brain has had some hiccups for sure! It looks as though we could get relief in my area by the end of the week! Yay! I’m praying for the whole entire heat blanketed places!

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  2. It’s always nice to have a talk once in a while. Being somewhat older it doesn’t realy matter what it is about, I feel. About everything has been said a thousand times before, but one can enjoy the company for a bit. What is ‘boom-docking’ John?

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    1. All has been said, many times, but there may be some things I have not said yet … ? Most of them might be the things smart people say, LOL. I’m working on it!! It is, for sure, all about the company πŸ˜€.
      Okay, I miss-spell/type that, it should have been boon-docking. And here is a link with a quick read on what it is basically. For me, it amounts to moving around out in the wild, staying places 2 weeks or so at a time.

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