Sunday Morning

🎶” Sunday morning coming down” and I ain’t woke with a hurting head for over 30 years now! 🎶 I don’t miss it … you know, the hurting head thing or any of the things that got me there to start with, LOL.

This morning I cleaned a bit more behind the RV lot (over the fence) but I think I am about done with that for this year. So now when I want to do a little physical labor on the ground, I will have to look elsewhere. I can always find things to do around an RV lot that helps the place a bit. This could be “roof avoidance?” going on here 🤔. I will have to get back to it at some point, I think I have the hardest parts done anyway. Besides, it has got to get cooler at some point.

I looked at a weather map and I feel far worst for other folks in other places now, then for folks here. Man, it is a hot USA for sure, and I am hearing many other places are having way too much heat too. Hope the wave of heat breaks for everyone soon.

Hope everyones weekend went well.