Silly boo-boo

Pictures : Added a post to my Humming Feeder so when I bump into it, I won’t shake all the sugar water out. Also, this will help keep it stable in the hard winds. I worked a little on the fence that is behind my RV today too by adding wire ties to the Metal post that hold the fence, not sure what the technical name is for those. Anyway, this got the fence bottom up off the ground, so now, it won’t rust away.
Oh, found the old 4 × 4 post for the humming feeder out in the desert, 👍. Did a little sanding to the post and shorten it a bit.

Humming Feeder

Silly Boo-Boo: Yep, I sure made one of those this morning! When I flush out my black tank, I will first empty it out, then close the drain valve and run five minutes of freshwater and drain it again. When we have a lot of hot summer days, like now, I will flush it a second time with 5 minutes of fresh water. The way I add the 5 minutes of fresh water is by sticking the shower hose in the potty and adding the water. So … the boo, boo is the second flush of fresh water … can you see where this is going? Yep, I forgot to set my timer on the second flush and overflowed the water, oh what fun! I am sure glad I had emptied the tank and made the first freshwater flush already, a close one! But still, lots of water everywhere. So a wet vacuum cleaner, a lot of mopping and old towels for the carpet. I guess it is good that we are having hot summer days, that will help dry things out that I can not get to, such as cabinets with subfloors and things like that. The door and windows are open, and the fans are running and, things are drying quickly.

I hate it when I do stupid! I was working on the fence, the post for the feeder, doing laundry and flushing/emptying my black tank. Too much multitasking, maybe??? Oh yeah, just stupid!

Hummers : I am seeing a Rufus Hummer flying around the feeder, hopefully I’ll get a chance to grab a picture or two.

I think I need a rest now, have a nice day Folks.