The weather has been much more comfortable, thank goodness. I am enjoying the cooler temperatures. Still 90sĀ°, but that beats a 100.

My activities, of getting things done, have been pretty slim of late.

I did look at the shut-off valve on the RV propane tank, and I am thinking that the easier fix, might be to add a shut-off after the original shut off. If I did not say the other day when posting about it, the propane does not leak outside the line, it just leaks pass the shut-off into the system. I would feel better if I had a way to shut it off completely. I did turn it off and on a few times and put a wrench on the packing valve to check for tightness. Also, my extended stay connection is a screw-in type and I might want to change that out to a quick disconnect, with its own shut-off. For now, if I need to move the RV, the extended-stay line must be screwed out, and then a plug screwed in its place.

Hey, good news! I had not checked it after turning the valve off and on a few times, so I thought maybe I should test it before posting this, and I did and guess what, turning it on and off a few times was the fix! My friend Barry suggested that I do this, so (Thanks Barry šŸ‘)! Sometimes it’s the simple things that get past me šŸ¤”. Must have been a little something stuck in the valve. At any rate, I feel better now knowing that I can turn it completely off. Still, I may add the quick disconnect for the extended-stay with its own shut off.

I could take out that whole paragraph about fixing the shut-off valve, but then I’d have to write something else, and I don’t want to! Guess I am a lazy writer, LOL. You know, I sometimes have a hard time writing only a few short paragraphs, I don’t know how you writers do it when writing books and such. Writing is hard for me, and anybody that reads this blog, knows I’m not very good at it!

Have a nice day, Folks.