Lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday, indeed. I went to visit a friend of my in another RV park today and set around for an hour or two. I have talked with a couple of friends on the phone today, too. Other than that, not much happening for me today.

Weather is running around 90°, and that is great for a summer day here in lower NM.

I feel the need to accomplish something or another, tomorrow. Not sure what it will be, but I feel that I must. Just getting too relaxed, and I still have lots to do around the RV. If I don’t do something in the morning time, it doesn’t get done. I need the cool of the morning to work. So, what will it be … I guess the morning will tell.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. I know that feeling that something has to be done, I need to make myself useful. But mostly I have a hunch of what I’ll be doing. I’m curious about what you will come up with, and also how that works! Maybe a dream will tell you? 🙂

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    1. The list of things I can do to improve this RV, is very, very long! So, on any given morning when I get up I can kind of pick and choose depending on how spunky I feel, 🤔. Work on the roof area, stay on the ground and work on little things on the sides or outside Storage doors, or maybe something inside. If I did not mind wasting my time, I think I could easily make a list of 100 things to do. However, I have so much I could do, I just pick the thing I feel like doing for a couple of hours each day, or something I think should have a high priority.

      Today I started back on the roof. On the edges of the roof where I worked before, I have decided that I will clear/clean an area where the roof starts to level off, that is about 4 to 5 inches (12.7 cm) up from where I applied the EternaBond tape.

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