Pictures : This morning I pulled some things loose and looked around behind the Electric panels. It does in fact look to be isolated which is good, however there was no way to vent the heat, so I added holds to the front and will add a fan if needed. I am guessing that it was just collecting hot air from the roof and holding it behind the panels, resulting in the area getting hotter and hotter. However, it could be the insulation behind the electronics could not be efficient enough, and it is in fact getting heat from the refrigerator. If that turns out to be the case, it will be a bigger job, so I am hoping the heat is coming from the roof. Maybe my vent holds will help, and maybe not, we’ll see. There is a cabinet door that goes over all of this, however it just simply flips up, and I could do that on the hot summer days. It is up high and out of the way, so I won’t be bumping my head when the cabinet door is flipped up πŸ™‚. The holds I made are only 1.5 inches (3.81 cm), but I could make them bigger if required.

The AC breaker panel you can see, the DC fuse is the panel to the right of that, and the other box to the left is the climate control unit or half of it anyway.
Hot ele3

So, that is today’s adventures.

Weather: = Hot! Yes, it is hot enough to make the old dude fuss about it.

Have a nice day Folks.



Okay, the vents are done, finally! I am speaking of the two fantastic vents and the bathroom vent. Next up … looking over the long list … we’ll see when the morning comes.

I think one of the things I want to do is pull the refrigerator vent off and see if I can get some more air moving through that space. Oddly, I have all my electronics, both DC and AC, located right above the refrigerator and that area gets really warm during hot days. Hot electronics is not good electronics. I’m going to look that area over and see if I can do anything with it. I would think that the most heat from the refrigerator is created at the back of the refrigerator and the top part of the refrigerator could be isolated from the back, but I don’t know if that’s the case, I’ll have to look in that space and see. Also, with all the wiring in that area, it may not be possible to isolate the top from the back. However, I do know, that fuse and breaker boxes shouldn’t be getting that warm. Heat and electronics is not a good match.

After a little research, I see that the top and back of an RV refrigerator definitely should be isolated, and I’m betting my is not. As a matter of fact, my research shows that even from the factory, they’re not properly installed to vent correctly. Looks like a really tough area to get to, in order to even see, must less work on. OK, maybe this can be my next RV project. Oh, the fun of RVs!

The thing that cause me to discover this was I had a fuse blow for my living room lights (DC), and while changing that out, I noticed it was awful warm in the area of the fuse panel. This was at 10pm in the evening, and it was still warm, the next morning it was nice and cool, so it needs to be insulated, vented or both. Not sure till I can get at it to see.

Note: The heat could possibly be coming from the roof area over the fuse/breaker area and not so much from the refrigerator, just not sure till I look.

This is Sunday and my mind is working, but the body is in a chill mode (as in lazy). I did do some shopping, but that is about it for today.

Hope everyone’s weekend was great.

Little Details

This morning I did do some work on the Vent cover, but didn’t remount it yet. This one had of a bit of mess on the mounts, nuts, and bolts that hold it. Lots of cleaning … would have likely got things done much faster had I just went I bought new nuts and bolts, but I just took my time and cleaned up the old ones. I did have to buy some for attaching the mounts to the roof. The old ones were a mix of this and that. Mind you, I’m only talking about 4 screws here, but a couple were long and a couple short, and the long ones were just regular screws and the short ones were self-tapping. Anyway, I went to the hardware store and got 4 new and slightly thicker self-tapping screws, with a length in between the short and long ones I took out. Why self-tapping? Well, they have to go through the rubber roof and the wood under it and the metal flange of the vent. Why not use the old holes? Couple of the 4 holes are rounded out bigger. Also, the plastic Vents are cracked at some mounting locations where someone over tightened them, luckily the plastic vents have a pair of holes at each mounting point, but using the second mounting hole will require moving the mount a little left or right of its original spot. All this is little details but time-consuming, nonetheless. Really not much left to do on the vent, likely half-an-hour’s work after I get started on it.

I spend my afternoons inside out of the heat, and most of the time I am just goofing off. I am on the computer a lot, researching or just wasting time, a little of both. The heat is hot, hot and more hot. Getting near a 100 each day now and when it is that hot I don’t want anything to do went the outside.
I did run my AC last night, just too dang hot at night to try sleeping without it. Yes, I’ll pay a little more on my electric bill, but I feel like I’ll get over that, LOL.

One day I will get back to taking some picture, I promise.

Have a nice day folks.

Last Vent

Last vent 80% done. I got back to the roof today and worked a little over 3 hours, but by about 11 am it was near 90 ℉ and I give it up for the day. I still have to clean up the Max Air vent cover mounts and remount them and put the cover on. This vent was in the center of the RV the other two vents were near the edge and I could stand on the ladder and work on them, for this one, I had to kneel on my knees, lay on the roof or try setting flat on the roof … none of these option worked very well for this old dude! So it took me a bit longer, and it was a tougher job. Although working from the ladder is not great, it sure beats trying to lie around on the roof and work.

Okay, I am going to chill and stay cooled off πŸ™‚.

Have a nice day folks.

Fashionably Late

Today was chores and a Doctor’s appointment, which always takes longer than it should, both chores and doctors. Doctors have that fashionably late thing down, for sure. No matter, doctors are a needed part of life, so you just deal with it.
On the whole, I think most Doctors and Nurses go out of their way to help you, however I find that in about all medical institutes whether VA or private, administrator people are definitely liking in motivation. Maybe it’s just my experience, but I’m thinking that I’m seeing a pattern.

Nothing much done around the RV today. I did take apart one of the fantastic fans because the crank up mechanism was loose. One screw had dropped out and become loss and the other one was loose. Also took a hanger off the wall that I don’t need any more. Other than those two little things, not a thing done on the RV today.

Weather, the hot is back, I saw 97 on my thermometer today. Weather report says we got the oh 100s coming back at us again. Last night I slept without the AC on, but I was a little warm and didn’t sleep too well, perhaps tonight I’ll break over and spend some money on AC πŸ€”! Looks like the report says it will be near 80 tonight (77 I think) but the next few nights after that will be in the lower 70s. 80 is a little too warm for my sleeping.

Night Folks

One Down, Many to Go

This morning I finished off the small awning over the bedroom window, so hopefully I won’t have any more trouble out of it. Maybe tomorrow morning I will get back to the roof work.

I think one of my downfalls when it comes to repairing an RV is that I can’t seem to lay a nice neat straight bead of sealant to save my life! It always turns into a mess! I wonder how they make them so neat at the factory? They must have a person that only does that all day and gets superb at it. I start working on an area, and before you know it I have sealant 2 or 3 inches from where I am working. I spend more time cleaning up than I do sealing. Oh well, that is the way it goes, one has to work with one’s own like of skills! Always makes me appreciate getting back to things I can do well.

The last couple of days have been mostly overcast, and that is an enjoyable break from the summer sun. It makes working outside much more pleasant, and helps keep the RV cooler.

Have a nice day Folks.

Side Tracked

Last night it rained a bit and I notice that water was dripping down between one of my window awnings and the RV, so this morning I checked it out and sure enough it was loose and pulled away from the RV about a half inch or so. Maybe all the wind had pulled it loose. At any rate, the holes for the mounting screws were rimmed out, so the screws needed to be replaced with bigger ones and I will add a few more for strength. I got it snubbed back up and will add the screws and silicon tomorrow. Of course, there were two trips to the hardware store to take up my time too. It took all my morning and I still have more to do.
With all the wind here, I don’t usually want to leave any of my awnings out, but this is the one where I set my fan to blow in cool air at night into the bedroom and I wanted it out to keep the water away from the window when it rains. It is also a very small awning, seeing as it only covers the one window. However, the wind must have been too much for it. We did have one day when the wind came up really fast and hard, that was likely a little too much for the awning. Wind and awnings don’t play well together. I never leave the big awning out, just too likely to get damaged by wind out here in the west. Maybe if I had one of those with the wind sensor, however that’s probably not a good ideal either, because one time I’ve seen a person get their awning took out by one of the little dust devils that you see so many of around here. There is no build up to those, they just hit you.
As much as I fuss about the wind out here in the west, I still, think it is the best of all weather evils. It beats tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms, ice storms, snow storms and the many other multitudes of bad weather we get across the US.

So there you have it, a morning in the life of RV John, and as for the afternoon I am just hiding from the heat.

Have a nice day, Folks.


Today is Sunday, so it is automatically an easy day, but I am promising myself that I will get something done tomorrow! Likely, it will be back to the roof, and getting another vent area cleaned up. One vent and two AC units to go over yet, and maybe the end caps. After that, it will be time to clean and re-coat all the areas I have worked on. That last one will likely turn into a big job.

The days are not as hot as some days last summer, but there is just a little humidity in the air to go with the heat, which makes it feel warmer. Out here in the west, I am used to the humidity being in the single digits, so I feel it when it goes into the 20s or better. We did get a bit of rain last night, and that is a good thing.

Hope everyone’s weekend was just the best.

Going easy Today

I am not getting anything done today. That’s okay, nothing urgent that has got to be done. Plenty to do, but nothing urgent πŸ˜€. Of late, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I need to do and not as much doing them, LOL. The heat is not helping motivate me and there is just a touch of humidity in there too, mind you nothing like back east but, I can feel it.

I have seen one Rufus Hummer this morning, so it won’t be long before there are lots of them fussing over the feeder. I look forward to them.

Later Folks.

Airdrop with VPN

Today I worked on the area behind my RV again and cleared away some more brush. Got a big bush out that was very close to the ground and a good place for critters to hide. I worked for about two and half hours and called it a day. Didn’t want to over do things like I did last time, πŸ‘.

Airdrop with VPN on, but devices not connected to the internet, so it doesn’t matter.
Airdrop with a iPhone, Mac and VPN, I have been trying to figure this out for some time now. I can’t do it like you normally would, because I keep my VPN running constantly if connected to the internet, and that breaks airdrop. But today I got it figured out! I prefer to never be connected to the internet unless the VPN is running, I sometimes do but not very often. I could airdrop by disconnecting the VPN, but preferred not to. However, I finally figured out that I could momentarily disconnect from the Internet but leave the Wi-Fi running, and then I could airdrop. Wi-Fi is β€œon” for both the iPhone and the Mac, but neither one connected, and of course the Bluetooth and Airdrop has to be on, that works fine. I kept reading online forums and stuff on the internet that the only way to use airdrop was to disconnect from the VPN, and there was no way around it. I did not want to be connected to the internet without the VPN. Then I decided to search for airdrop without internet and bingo! That, to me, is the easiest way to go about it … and it only took me a year and half to learn that, LOL. It is always the simple little things that escape me.

Yes, this is a bit inconvenient, but privacy often demands a bit of inconvenience. Only takes a few seconds after you figure out all the little clicks to click.

And that, my friends, is the full report on the old backbone use and the not so-fast-brain activity going on with RV John today!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.