More Pictures

Pictures : Here are a few more shots with the R7 and different lenses I have.

These first two shots are from my old EF nifty 50 (Version one). This is an old lens and a cheap lens that I bet one could pick up for 25 to 50 bucks now-a-days. I took this lens with me on my walk this morning, I didn’t get a lot of keepers, but I did get a few decent shots. I won’t complain much about the low-keeper rate, seeing as I don’t use the lens much, and it’s not the highest quality lens. But, I think from these shots, I can tell that it is a capable lens, if needed.

The Jujubes are starting to ripen.
Jujus 20-_R7_ 08:31:22

A shot of a neighbor’s dog. This dog is very friendly but still a puppy, and will maul you to death with affection if you ain’t careful.
N Dog 19_R7_ 08:31:22

After getting back from my walk, I put the Sigma 150 Micro lens on, and was happy with the results. Here are a couple from the Sigma 150 Marco.
Sigma150 05_R7_ 08:31:22

Sigma150 06-_R7_ 08:31:22

Have a nice day Folks


Pictures coming your Way

Pictures : Wow, I got a lot of new tricks to learn! This camera does so much more than my old cameras, lots to learn and try out. Not to mention, trying to get the basics, of this new one down. So here we go, bear with me, as I learn …

Do give these images a couple of clicks to get the bigger pictures.
First two from here in the park, with the R7 and the kit lens RF 18-150 mm.
Jujude Tree.
Jujube tree 19-R71_ 08:29:22

While I was reading up on the camera last evening, this Rabbit came by, so this is a full shot, no crop, (resized down for internet) with the RF 18-150 kit lens.
Rabbit 12-R71_ 08:29:22

This morning, I took the camera/kit lens with me on my walk and took this shot.
Flower walk R71_0041

I am glad I got the kit lens, I am happy with it.

Sir and Lady House Finch, with the R7 and EF 100-400.
Mr House _R7_0108

Lady House_R7_0113

Relaxing : Best thing about this new camera is that it is taking my mind off everything else that has been bugging me. Also, I like this kind of thing anyway, learning new toys, 😀.

The Shots : Some of these shots looked fine coming out of the camera, and some looked a bit rough. I am saving files in craw format (Canon Raw), with no JPEGs. Trying both servo and single shot mode. I will likely end up shooting mostly in single shot mode. But I do want to learn how to “run and gun” with all those frames per second, and that will need to be in servo mode 😁. I read one place that recommended servo mode for single shots too, but I am playing with that to see how I like setting things.

Eyes : My eyes are on fire, way too much screen time!

Night Folks


Pictures : Just a Robin.

Robin 12-7D2_ 03:25:22

Camera : I picked up my camera early this afternoon, and I am charging the battery now. I read that the LP-E6 will work, but I have all replacement battery brands other than Canon, so I figure I wouldn’t take a chance. I was a bit surprised that the battery that came with it was below 25% charged, so it is taking a bit to come up to full charge. However, I’ll be playing soon enough, 😀.

Couple little surprises already, none being a problem. One: although I knew it was going to be a smaller camera than the ones I have now, I was surprised that it feels a bit smaller than I expected, which is fine, just different. Two: It came with no cables whatsoever, again no big deal, just kind of expected it to have one or two anyway.

Now, come on battery, get charged!!!

Have a nice day Folks

Another Snap Shot

Pictures : Just another snapshot from my iPhone while out walking.

I Snap 04-I_ 08:22:22

Today’s Activities : Is getting out of bed and breathing an activity? I surely haven’t done much else. Mostly I’ve sat around on the computer watching YouTube’s on how to do things on the R7 and brushing up on post-processing images. Picking up some new stuff, and refreshing on some old stuff. I’m amazed at all the stuff I’ve forgotten, and just haven’t been doing lately. Of course, there’s a zillion tricks and tweaks that I’ve never done and/or don’t know how to do in post-processing, which is a world within itself.

Weather : It has been hitting the 90s most days of late, but that not so bad. Plus, looks like it will be cooling off a bit within a few days. Hopefully there will be some rain in there too, with the cool down.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Pictures : Curved-billed Thrasher, having a sip of water. This shot is from a couple of months back.

Curved billed Thrasher 03-7D2_ 07:09:22

Chores : Did a little shopping today, and a few things around the RV. Mostly just reading up on the R7.

Hope everyone is having a fine weekend.

Mushroom Pie

Pictures : Mushroom pie, anyone? Actually, I would not really recommend it, 🤔. This mushroom was growing under the cane that I see looking out the door of my RV. Maybe 4 or 5 inch diameter mushroom. Lots of sandy soil and pine needles, as you can see.
I darken this image a bit to get a bit more detail out of it and give it the look I wanted, making the sand look a little darken then it is. If I had brought this mushroom inside, cut the stem off, placed it in a small baking pan, and taken a picture, I think I could have convinced everyone that I had baked a pie! LOL

Mushroom pie 01-7D2_ 08:21:22

The wait : Waiting on my new toy (Canon R7 camera), it’s times like these that I miss walking into a store, picking up the item that I want, and taken it home! Actually according to B&H electronics (where I brought my camera from) it should be delivered Monday, that’s pretty quick for free shipping and over a weekend too.
I have a few lenses that I’m really anxious to try out on the R7. The main one of course being my (EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM), which is the lens I do 90% of my shooting with. Other lens are, an old Sigma 150 mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM Macro Lens (Lens is a non OS, so maybe the camera’s IBIS will help), the Canon EF 400 mm f/5.6L USM Lens (another non IS) that IBIS might help. I’m even curious to see how the old nifty 50 will do on that camera, 😊.

Exercise : Since I’ve not been working on the RV, I have done all of my walks this week for a total of 10 miles of walking, and it feels kind of good to get back to it.

Have a fine day Folks

More Flowers and Too Much Shopping

Pictures : Here is yet another shot from the iPhone, and these are also along the road I walk on in the mornings.

Flower 06-I_ 08:23:22

Medical : One of the other things that happen, is that the last doctor’s medical assistant miss handled the paper work, and now I am getting billed for things that the VA would have paid for if the paperwork was done right. I won’t be paying any bills, but it could affect my credit ratings if it’s not settled properly. I’m working on that with VA now, we’ll see where it goes. At any rate, I do have a VA appointment with a VA run clinic, so I should be getting things back on track.
I got a few places on my skin that has sun damage that needs taken care of, and it was one of the things that I’ve been working on with my last doctor for over eight months, trying to see a Dermatologist. Again, I think it was the medical assistant that dropped the ball. She indeed is totally worthless. I hate saying things like that about people, but sometimes it’s just true. A friend of mine had warned me about this clinic and the doctor that I ended up with (not the one I was originally assigned), so a lot of it could’ve been the doctor’s lack of confidence.
I’ll mention one other thing that happened, and then I’ll shut up about this medical stuff, it’s just too negative! I went in for an appointment one day and I saw my doctor’s name on the wall with a sign that said “will not be taking any more pain management patients”, my first thought was “oh no, my doctor is one of these pill pushers”. Okay, enough about medical.

Too much shopping : I just knew the shopping would get me into trouble! I pulled the trigger on a new camera, the Canon R7 kit with the RF 18-150 lens. An anxiety buy maybe??? LOL. Perhaps a new toy will get my mind, into more fun things. It’s on the cheap end, of these kinds of cameras, but still expensive to me. I do spend a lot of time with my cameras, though, So … Perhaps a worthwhile investment. I added the control ring adapter, so I can use my old EF lens that I already have. Also had to get some memory cards. Should be getting the camera and accessories next week.

Have a nice day, Folks.

The Evil Ones

Pictures : These are Goat-Heads, and they are sticky, evil little devils. Here is a YouTube video link from Wyoming university, about them. The rain really makes them pop around this part of NM. They are everywhere that is not groom, especially along road sides.

Evil one2_04-I_ 08:23:22

Evil one_05-I_ 08:23:22

Medical : I have written two or three different paragraphs here, and each time I’ve deleted them, because they contained way too much negativity! I’ll just say I’m a bit frustrated at the moment, and actually feel a bit helpless. Today I took some steps to get it sorted out, so hopefully things will be better in the near future. 🤞🤞 Both hands! Mind you, folk, I don’t think I have any urgent medical things happening, but I do have some general things that are not getting taken care of, that could be a problem, I just really don’t know. The main thing I’m doing is changing doctors. More later on this, but that is enough for today.

Little Grumpy Today: Sorry folks, didn’t sleep at all last night, for sure a bit grumpy! Hopefully, I’ll sleep tonight and be a happier person tomorrow.

Have nice day, Folks.

Tiny Sunflower

Pictures : When the rains started a few weeks back, I had several little sunflowers start up in the gravel area of my lot. Most of the starts were just under the gravel, and the ground under the gravel is very hard and pack down, so the roots couldn’t get a hold in the dirt. The little sunflowers just fell over when they got 6 inches or so tall. One got about 8 or 9 inches tall, so I picked it up and put it in the dirt by the birdbath. I clean the birdbath every day, so the water goes on the sunflower. This is way late in the year for such, but here it is all of a foot tall, and producing a pretty little flower. Shot taken with my 7D Mark 1.

A couple of clicks will get you a closer view.
Sun Flower 00-7D1_ 08:22:22

Looking : I have been looking at the R7 camera, and if I am not careful, I’m going to get into trouble by spending money. Shopping too much will get one into trouble! I don’t buy a lot of camera gear, but if I do, I like buying fairly good gear. Of Course, I can’t get into the high end of things. I guess the last time I spend any money on camera gear was when I bought the EF 100-400 lens. I think I have had that lens for about 7 or 8 years, and it is still giving me good service, and I expect many more years out of it. The 100-400 lens lives on my main camera.

Have a nice day Folks

Walking Snaps

Pictures : While on my walk this morning, I took a couple of snaps, with the iPhone, and here is one of them.
I have not did much photographing with smartphones, but I’ve seen some great pictures out of them. I am reading up a bit on my phone’s camera, and Learning a few things. I need to, because I suck at phone photos.

Snap 07-Iphone_ 08:22:22

Weather : No rain today, yet, 😀. It has been very overcast, and it may well rain before the day is done. The wind has just picked up a bit too, maybe it will blow something in.

Exercise : I did walk this weekend, I but got back to it today.

Have a nice evening, Folks.