Computer Things

I spent the morning doing little computer things for the Low-Hi RV Park. Most of the folks there are Members of the club (Loners On Wheels) and are in my age group and not too savvy on a computer. Neither am I, but I just happen to be a little more into computers than most people in the club, so I help them out when I can.

The above activities took up the whole morning, so nothing happening around the RV today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a more productive day around the RV.

For whatever reason, I didn’t sleep well last night, and I am feeling a bit tired today.

Have a nice day, folks.


7 thoughts on “Computer Things

  1. The club really is named Loners on Wheels? I like it. it sounds kind of tough and also not lacking a sense of irony (perhaps). It’s good you helped the foks with their computer things. I’m all but a whizikd myself concerning computers, but sometimes, like you I suppose, some far away knowlegde pops up and can be of help. I hope you sleep better tonight John!

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