Still …

Still, I did not get back to the roof job today. This morning I did a bit of shopping and came back to do a little cleaning and laundry and such. We had a pretty good rain last night, I am glad that I have all the repairs done that may have lead to a leak. I guess that is why I am not pushing too hard to get done with the roof, nothing up there that is going to cause me additional problems. However, it remains on top of my list of things to do around the RV.

If you ever wonder about me doing things at another RV park, it is because it is part of a club (Link – ⁣Loners On Wheels) that I have been a member of for the last 15 years. The RV park (Link – LoW-Hi RV Ranch) has about 60 sites, and offers discounts to club members and also welcomes other guess. A nice little RV Park.

The Club and RV Park are kind of a circle. When it started, there was just the club, and the club bought the RV Park with just 10 sites. Over the years, 50 more sites have been added and now the RV Park makes enough to sustain itself and also to help the club a little. A little circle. If you want to know more about our club, click the (About) tab on the club link above.
Our club does need a little help because it is in the same boat as many clubs are today, it has lost many members as folks have moved away from clubs and find their socializing on the Internet with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media places like that.

A good example of why clubs are going down hill, is me and RVing and this club. 15 years ago when I started RVing, for me to learn about the best places to Boondock or camp out, I would ask members of the club, and now it’s much more efficient to just hop on the Internet and do a search for the best places to Boondock or camp out, or any other questions that I might have about RVing. Pretty much the same for all clubs, I would guess. Rather, it is a ham radio club or a sewing club, when questions are asked, the internet will likely provide the answer quicker, without the need of a club.

Back to the point, I am still very much involved in the club, and operations at the ranch (as a member of the club), and that is why I do my best to help out when I can. The club and the RV Park has helped me a good deal over the years, so it is nice to be able to help them when I can. Plus, seeing as I am not traveling any of late … why not?

Okay, enough chitter chatter for today, have a nice day folks.