Beckoning Ladder

This morning, the beckoning of the ladder was strong, so up the ladder I went. Each time I go to the roof now, I only work 1 to 2 hours, and that is plenty, seeing as there is no urgent need to get anything done. It is nice not to have to be on that ladder three or four hours at a time. I have one more small section on the side that I have started cleaning before it is time to coat the roof area on that side, then I can start on the other side, 🤔. I will have to do a bit more reading and studying on it all before doing the job, because I want this job done right, and last for some years. Going up and down that ladder is not my favorite thing to do, no it isn’t! Pretty sure I got all the steps down, however I would like to make sure, get it down right. Enough roof talk for today.

This morning when I got up I felt something strongly, that I had not felt that strong for some years, and sure enough when I grab my phone and looked at the weather, the humidity was 67%, wow. I am so spoiled to those single-digit humidities. Once I got to moving around, I didn’t pay much mind to it, after all, in the scheme of things that’s not that higher humidity for a lot of places.

Have a nice day, folks.