Bird Watching

Hope all you folks out there are having a great Sunday or had a great Sunday if you are reading this on a later day. As for me, I am doing fine on this Sunday morning, just relaxing and watching the birds.
This morning I did do a little shopping, walked through the local flea market, and will likely just chill for the rest of the day, while hiding from the heat.

The birds are being fun today, there are 4 or 5 doves and one Curved Bill Thrasher that is trying to keep the doves away. If he approaches the doves from the front or the side, they will smack him with their wings, so he has come up with a tactic to sneak up behind them and give them a good peck. I don’t guess they can snack him too well when he is behind them. If he gets his peck in, he usually pulls a few feathers and the dove moves out swiftly. I don’t have as many humming birds as I expected to this year, only have a few, and a couple of them are the Rufus Hummers, which are always fun to watch.

That’s it, this covers my lazy Sunday! Later Folks.