Not so Busy

Okay, I got one side of the roof prepared for cleaning and coating. Not sure when I will tackle that job. Today, I also went to the hardware store and brought myself six, 18 × 18 inch (45.72 cm) pavers. The backside of my RV hangs over the graveled part of the RV lot by about 6 to 8 feet (2.44 meters), so this gives me something to stand on when I need to get in the back underneath storage. I need to buy maybe 6 more 1 × 1 foot pavers to walk on when around the back of the RV. One other thing I did today, I knocked down a few weeds around the RV site and Park. That covers my not so busy day. Even if it ain’t much, I always like it when I can accomplish a couple small things. The afternoons are the hardest because of the heat, even the inside work requires going in and out of the RV. I just don’t care for working in the 90℉ plus temperatures unless absolutely necessary.

Saturday I went out to the LoW-Hi RV Park and enjoy a barbecue with my fellow LoW members, something to entertain myself for a bit.

I don’t have much chat in me today, so have a nice day, folks.