Tiny Doing’s

Today’s and yesterday’s afternoon tiny adventures. I got out in the afternoon and did a little raking around the RV lot yesterday, cleaning up pine needles and putting them in piles. This morning I borrowed the wheelbarrow from the landlord and haul the pine needles into the back fields. After that, I re-positioned 3 of my concrete pavers so that they are a bit closer together now. I had put them too far apart. Did a couple more small chores around here. Before all this, I had taken a run out to the Low-Hi RV park and talked with some folks. So all this pretty much took up the morning time.

Wish I have some new and exciting stuff for you folks, but my life is just pretty non-exciting and everything is about the same every day, at this time in my life, sorry. Wish I could be out seeing new and different places, that would be so nice. I miss it, but traveling is not in the cards for now.

The afternoon heat is coming in now {Not real bad, but still hot (About 90)} so I am chilling in the RV.

Have a nice day, Folks.