It is the weekend, and I am doing much of nothing. I am doing much of nothing way too often of late … πŸ€”. For some reason, I’m suffering a bit of lost on the ambition side of life. Actually, I think it’s all tied to the labor side, I just don’t got any love for physical labor anymore, LOL. Maybe I’ll come around and shake myself out of this sooner or later. Guess, I will have to at some point, things need done.

Slowly getting involve in some things and problems other folks should be taking care of. At the other RV Park. Okay, I best drop this trend of thought before it goes south, LOL. I could really go on a rant here but, I save this kind of thing for in person friends, because they understand what an old grouch I am! Got to keep the negativity out of my blog, ☺️. I am going to be good now … I am … I promise … I … I, LOL.

Perhaps, the above is why us old men have just got to talk about the weather so much. It’s such a peaceful subject, and is hard to get into trouble with.
So it is pretty decent out, temperature wise, coming in at just under 90 ℉, not bad. Although I’m still content to be inside, even at 90. This morning when I got up, I could see that it had rain just a little last night, which is a good thing. The more rain, the better for this area. The sun is out, and there is a mild breeze. See this paragraph surely will not upset anyone, LOL. Once upon a time I was out walking in the woods as this cold breeze came up on me, and then, … LOL.

Good weekend, Folks.