Doc Day

Today I had an appointment with my Doctor. Blood pressure high, and that’s just from my judgment, not even considering numbers. Doctors always worry me, that’s just the bottom line. Actually, I have a pretty high respect for most doctors and higher end nurses, 95% of them have given me reasonable service. However, when it comes to their administrative offices, I lose all faith. This especially applies to government offices, however it also applies to non-government offices somewhat. Although I’ve done a bit of pencil pushing myself, (Mind you, not a lot) I’m always surprised at the arrogance that some pencil pushing people get. Not talking about writers and such, but admin type folks. You know, the ones like who work in a Social Security office somewhere and with a check mark of a pen, you become a dead person!
I have known two folks that were killed off by SS while they were still walking around. Man oh man, that is a mess that the killed off individual must deal with, kind of with their own expensive of time, and cost. I have known one veteran that got killed off by the VA too. None of these people, ever got an explanation of why or how this happens. Nothing more fun them hearing the person on the other end of the line say,“Our Records show you as deceased.”!

Okay, that is my rant for today. I’ve been on a roll of late, haven’t I? Anybody got one of them chill pills? LOL. I’m teasing about the pill now, don’t anybody start sending me pills, besides I’d be afraid that you were one of those admin people, out to get even with me for writing bad things about you, and give me a pill that really chilled me!!!

Maybe I should stop blogging, because I am starting to show way too much of my psyche. Just kidding, gotta have a little fun with this.

I haven’t gotten anything done on the RV for a spell now. Looking for that motivation that I so need right now.

OK, I’m gonna call it a day, before I get into any more trouble. Have a nice evening, folks.