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Pictures : I took a walk this morning and snapped a few shots with my iPhone. Here are a couple.

The rain has made a lot of these show up.
Wild Thing 00-I 08:16:22

Large area full of them.
Fields 10-I_ 08:16:22

Walking: Okay, since I am not doing much on the RV, that means it is time to get back to my walking, so I walked a couple miles this morning.

Little Extra : I did jump over the fence and remove a few weeds that were popping up. I will likely go back over in a day or two and remove some stumps left over from the Mesquite bushes I took out a few weeks back.

Health : My doctor’s appointment and my friend having a heart attack has made thoughts of health come to my mind. I really need to start doing better with my eating habits. Need to start counting the exercise mileage and the calorie accumulations, 😩. I need to do better.

Have a nice day, Folks.