Color in the Desert

Pictures : iPhone shots from a walk. I am loving all the rain, it is bringing out a little color in the desert.



Weather : We have been getting rain everyday now for a bit, and that is most excellent. Hey, it just started in on another good rain, I like it. I always like the sound of rain hitting a roof, especially if it’s a tin roof, of course rubber roofs like on the RV are not near as much fun. Still, the sound of it is smoothing to hear.

Exercise : I walked 4 days this week. I had stopped walking when I went to work on the RV roof, but as I got slacker and slacker on that, I didn’t get back to walking. My friend having a heart attack kind of shock me into reality again, that said “Old man, you better get to walking again!”. So, I have started back doing my morning walks.

Have a nice day, Folks.


Just Add Water

Pictures : Another iPhone shot, this little mushroom (which was about 3 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall) was growing out in the sandy desert where I walk. The rain has things growing.

Wet Desert I_08:16:2022jpg

Activities : Mostly enjoying the cooler weather. I did take my walk this morning and did a little laundry later on, but that is about it. Anymore when I do laundry I make a point to vacuum the floor in the little laundry space we have. The building is maybe 144 Square feet, so not very big. My excuse for not working on the roof this week, is the high percentage chance of rain we have, and it has rained a lot this week.

Yesterday I wrote the above and was thinking I might add more to it, but forgot about it completely, so it gets posted today along with another post later today.

Hope everyone had a good yesterday, 😀.