Just Add Water

Pictures : Another iPhone shot, this little mushroom (which was about 3 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall) was growing out in the sandy desert where I walk. The rain has things growing.

Wet Desert I_08:16:2022jpg

Activities : Mostly enjoying the cooler weather. I did take my walk this morning and did a little laundry later on, but that is about it. Anymore when I do laundry I make a point to vacuum the floor in the little laundry space we have. The building is maybe 144 Square feet, so not very big. My excuse for not working on the roof this week, is the high percentage chance of rain we have, and it has rained a lot this week.

Yesterday I wrote the above and was thinking I might add more to it, but forgot about it completely, so it gets posted today along with another post later today.

Hope everyone had a good yesterday, 😀.


2 thoughts on “Just Add Water

  1. Awesome! My hip is bothering me so much I haven’t been walking much or hiking. I fear I’ll be needing a hip replacement. It sucks when you do everything right …exercising and eating right and things so south and wear out anyway. Sigh!

    Keep your legs moving! That’s what I hear anyway to have a long life…too bad my hip isn’t cooperating!

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    1. My old joints are feeling the humidity too, but still I am very happy to see all this rain. The knee replacement that I got was so very much Worth, but I sure don’t look forward to another one or any other replacement part! Age is the thing none of us can do right, I guess. Maybe in the future they will be able to help that little problem.
      I do try to do enough movement to keep things working, but I guess times slowly just starts taking it away. The joints are the part of us that don’t like so much movement, I think.

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