Tiny Sunflower

Pictures : When the rains started a few weeks back, I had several little sunflowers start up in the gravel area of my lot. Most of the starts were just under the gravel, and the ground under the gravel is very hard and pack down, so the roots couldn’t get a hold in the dirt. The little sunflowers just fell over when they got 6 inches or so tall. One got about 8 or 9 inches tall, so I picked it up and put it in the dirt by the birdbath. I clean the birdbath every day, so the water goes on the sunflower. This is way late in the year for such, but here it is all of a foot tall, and producing a pretty little flower. Shot taken with my 7D Mark 1.

A couple of clicks will get you a closer view.
Sun Flower 00-7D1_ 08:22:22

Looking : I have been looking at the R7 camera, and if I am not careful, I’m going to get into trouble by spending money. Shopping too much will get one into trouble! I don’t buy a lot of camera gear, but if I do, I like buying fairly good gear. Of Course, I can’t get into the high end of things. I guess the last time I spend any money on camera gear was when I bought the EF 100-400 lens. I think I have had that lens for about 7 or 8 years, and it is still giving me good service, and I expect many more years out of it. The 100-400 lens lives on my main camera.

Have a nice day Folks