The Evil Ones

Pictures : These are Goat-Heads, and they are sticky, evil little devils. Here is a YouTube video link from Wyoming university, about them. The rain really makes them pop around this part of NM. They are everywhere that is not groom, especially along road sides.

Evil one2_04-I_ 08:23:22

Evil one_05-I_ 08:23:22

Medical : I have written two or three different paragraphs here, and each time I’ve deleted them, because they contained way too much negativity! I’ll just say I’m a bit frustrated at the moment, and actually feel a bit helpless. Today I took some steps to get it sorted out, so hopefully things will be better in the near future. 🤞🤞 Both hands! Mind you, folk, I don’t think I have any urgent medical things happening, but I do have some general things that are not getting taken care of, that could be a problem, I just really don’t know. The main thing I’m doing is changing doctors. More later on this, but that is enough for today.

Little Grumpy Today: Sorry folks, didn’t sleep at all last night, for sure a bit grumpy! Hopefully, I’ll sleep tonight and be a happier person tomorrow.

Have nice day, Folks.