More Flowers and Too Much Shopping

Pictures : Here is yet another shot from the iPhone, and these are also along the road I walk on in the mornings.

Flower 06-I_ 08:23:22

Medical : One of the other things that happen, is that the last doctor’s medical assistant miss handled the paper work, and now I am getting billed for things that the VA would have paid for if the paperwork was done right. I won’t be paying any bills, but it could affect my credit ratings if it’s not settled properly. I’m working on that with VA now, we’ll see where it goes. At any rate, I do have a VA appointment with a VA run clinic, so I should be getting things back on track.
I got a few places on my skin that has sun damage that needs taken care of, and it was one of the things that I’ve been working on with my last doctor for over eight months, trying to see a Dermatologist. Again, I think it was the medical assistant that dropped the ball. She indeed is totally worthless. I hate saying things like that about people, but sometimes it’s just true. A friend of mine had warned me about this clinic and the doctor that I ended up with (not the one I was originally assigned), so a lot of it could’ve been the doctor’s lack of confidence.
I’ll mention one other thing that happened, and then I’ll shut up about this medical stuff, it’s just too negative! I went in for an appointment one day and I saw my doctor’s name on the wall with a sign that said “will not be taking any more pain management patients”, my first thought was “oh no, my doctor is one of these pill pushers”. Okay, enough about medical.

Too much shopping : I just knew the shopping would get me into trouble! I pulled the trigger on a new camera, the Canon R7 kit with the RF 18-150 lens. An anxiety buy maybe??? LOL. Perhaps a new toy will get my mind, into more fun things. It’s on the cheap end, of these kinds of cameras, but still expensive to me. I do spend a lot of time with my cameras, though, So … Perhaps a worthwhile investment. I added the control ring adapter, so I can use my old EF lens that I already have. Also had to get some memory cards. Should be getting the camera and accessories next week.

Have a nice day, Folks.


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    1. Thanks, Peter. I hope I end up liking it, I have read many good things about it. The lens (RF 18-150 mm IS) Kit Lens seem to have a fair price point vs quality when in the kit. From all the reviews that I’ve read about that lens, I believe it will make me a nice little walk around lens. Oh, that lens will be my first taste of our RF Lens too! Likely, the camera lens that will end up staying on the camera the most will be the (EF 100-400 mm IS II), which I already have. I think the ideal lens for that camera and my birding would be the new (RF 100-500 mm lens), but that is not in the cards at its price point for now. Maybe a year or two down the road.
      I did some thinking on the (RF 800 mm IS F11). Certainly would love that reach, and I see some great images out of it, but man, one would have to stay in good light all the time. Still, I see some folks are making it work for some great photo.
      It’s been a while since I have gotten a new camera, so I think it will give me some good learning experience to figure out how to get good quality images out of it. There’s always a pretty good learning curve with these new cameras.
      I am finding in my older years, that I enjoy things that keep my mind busy, far more than things that keep my body busy, LOL.

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  1. Congratulations on the new camera! I’ve had my eye on the D850 as I’m not ready to move into mirrorless and start all over on lenses.

    I saw the dermatologist earlier this month and had a small cancerous cell removed and one other sun spot removed from my cheek. I hope what he did does the trick and I don’t need MOH’s surgery.

    The yellow flowers are lovely. Have fun with your new gear!

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. The D850 looks like an excellent camera!
      I considered some mirrored bodies in Canon, but the new mirrorless bodies offer a lot. The IBIS, eye tracking/subject tracking, new focus system that’s outstanding, and hopefully other features I will find useful. Plus, the Canon crop cameras are really reasonably priced versus full frame cameras, when including the same specs and features.
      I have had a few flaky spots on my skin (iced?, not sure what to call it when they freeze those little devils) and now I have two or three little spots that stay sore, and I want them checked out and see what needs to be done. The sore like feeling is not real agitating, just kind of feels like the skin is sunburned, but only in tiny spots. I’ve no idea about it, just want to know what’s going on with it.

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        1. Oh yes, I will be getting them checked out! Part of my big fuss with this Doctor that I had, I’ve been pushing to have it checked out for near a year. I have an appointment with the VA clinic on 13 Sept, that will be one of my top subjects. I’ve had at least 8 or 10 spots iced. On the back of my hands, forehead, and my ear.

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    1. Thank you, Hien. I’ve been thinking about that camera for a while, as you know. 😀 ! I have high hopes of lots of fun out of it.
      Going to be interesting to see how my EF 100-400 does on it, looking on the internet I see a mix of good and bad images out of that combo, not sure if that is due to different shooting styles of different folks or consistency of the lens with that camera. I am about to find out 🙂. Also interested in seeing how the 18-150 kit lens preforms. I remember having the old 18 to 55 mm non IS kit lens from maybe the 20D? (way back lens, at any rate), and I could get excellent shots out of it if I worked at it just a little. So I’m hopeful I can do the same with this 18-150 kit lens. I also have a rather old Sigma 150 mm micro lens non IS, really interested if the IBIS will help me with that lens or even work on the camera. One other lens that I have that I am wondering about, is the old Canon 400 mm f5/6 L non IS lens, Will the IBIS help me there? That old 400 5/6 lens is a nice light walk around for a longer lens. Lots of fun trials coming my way!

      And, of course, I have green envy of the RF 100-500 like you have. Yours, and a lot of other folks, shots out of that lens are just to kill for.

      Seeing as you are already shooting with the R system …
      Two questions for you if you don’t mind, on the 100–500, do you think the F7.1 aperture is ever a problem for you in low light? And two, do you think you would ever consider the 600 or 800 mm F11 Lens?
      By the way, I did give a lot of consideration to the R6, I see you, and a lot of other folks getting some mighty fine images out of R6.


      1. Re the RF 100-500, F7.1 aperture has never been a problem for me. Once in a great while, if needed, I reduce the reach from 500 to wherever it allows me to use F7.1 or even something wider like F4.5.

        I considered the 800 mm F/11 lens but will wait until they have a good sale before buying it. Alternatively, an RF 1.4 extender with the RF 100-500 may be better, except for the added weight.

        By the way, I also tried using the EF 100-400 II lens, but after acquiring the RF 100-500 (also on sale a few months ago) I stopped using the EF lens on the R6.

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        1. Thanks, Hien. Seems that everybody is figuring out how to work with a slightly higher aperture of the RF 100-500 and still getting excellent quality.

          I am thinking on a bright sunny day that 800 mm F/11 would be a great walk around looking for birds, with its great reach and light weight.

          I am sure if I had both the EF 100-400 and the RF 100-500, that I too would always have the RF 100-500 mounted on the camera.

          Hien, with the RF lens and the R camera working together for image stabilization, I was wonder if you noticed much difference in your image stabilization when you switched from the EF to the RF lens?

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          1. As you mention image stabilization, I know that I am not using a tripod most of the time now, and still the images come out very sharp. With birds, there are still some blurred shots when I cannot point the lens in the direction of a fast moving bird. With flowers or still life, no problem at all.

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