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Robin 12-7D2_ 03:25:22

Camera : I picked up my camera early this afternoon, and I am charging the battery now. I read that the LP-E6 will work, but I have all replacement battery brands other than Canon, so I figure I wouldn’t take a chance. I was a bit surprised that the battery that came with it was below 25% charged, so it is taking a bit to come up to full charge. However, I’ll be playing soon enough, πŸ˜€.

Couple little surprises already, none being a problem. One: although I knew it was going to be a smaller camera than the ones I have now, I was surprised that it feels a bit smaller than I expected, which is fine, just different. Two: It came with no cables whatsoever, again no big deal, just kind of expected it to have one or two anyway.

Now, come on battery, get charged!!!

Have a nice day Folks


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  1. New camera’s always seem to come with only partly charged batteries. No cables sucks, but also that is quite common nowadays. Fuji has a way of saving theirselves some cash by NOT providing a battery charger with certain models anymore. (They do charge by USB). Or a written manual. This is NOT progress!

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    1. I guess so, I use to partly charged batteries but most are above 50%, this one was below 25%. I seldom used the cables that came with my 7D mark II, so I don’t guess it is that big a deal. Ha, I think them rascals saving cash, is what it’s all about! I guess us old devils, have just got to learn the new ways of the world, LOL. This one I just got will charge by USB, but it did come with a charger.

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