Pictures coming your Way

Pictures : Wow, I got a lot of new tricks to learn! This camera does so much more than my old cameras, lots to learn and try out. Not to mention, trying to get the basics, of this new one down. So here we go, bear with me, as I learn …

Do give these images a couple of clicks to get the bigger pictures.
First two from here in the park, with the R7 and the kit lens RF 18-150 mm.
Jujude Tree.
Jujube tree 19-R71_ 08:29:22

While I was reading up on the camera last evening, this Rabbit came by, so this is a full shot, no crop, (resized down for internet) with the RF 18-150 kit lens.
Rabbit 12-R71_ 08:29:22

This morning, I took the camera/kit lens with me on my walk and took this shot.
Flower walk R71_0041

I am glad I got the kit lens, I am happy with it.

Sir and Lady House Finch, with the R7 and EF 100-400.
Mr House _R7_0108

Lady House_R7_0113

Relaxing : Best thing about this new camera is that it is taking my mind off everything else that has been bugging me. Also, I like this kind of thing anyway, learning new toys, 😀.

The Shots : Some of these shots looked fine coming out of the camera, and some looked a bit rough. I am saving files in craw format (Canon Raw), with no JPEGs. Trying both servo and single shot mode. I will likely end up shooting mostly in single shot mode. But I do want to learn how to “run and gun” with all those frames per second, and that will need to be in servo mode 😁. I read one place that recommended servo mode for single shots too, but I am playing with that to see how I like setting things.

Eyes : My eyes are on fire, way too much screen time!

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