More Pictures

Pictures : Here are a few more shots with the R7 and different lenses I have.

These first two shots are from my old EF nifty 50 (Version one). This is an old lens and a cheap lens that I bet one could pick up for 25 to 50 bucks now-a-days. I took this lens with me on my walk this morning, I didn’t get a lot of keepers, but I did get a few decent shots. I won’t complain much about the low-keeper rate, seeing as I don’t use the lens much, and it’s not the highest quality lens. But, I think from these shots, I can tell that it is a capable lens, if needed.

The Jujubes are starting to ripen.
Jujus 20-_R7_ 08:31:22

A shot of a neighbor’s dog. This dog is very friendly but still a puppy, and will maul you to death with affection if you ain’t careful.
N Dog 19_R7_ 08:31:22

After getting back from my walk, I put the Sigma 150 Micro lens on, and was happy with the results. Here are a couple from the Sigma 150 Marco.
Sigma150 05_R7_ 08:31:22

Sigma150 06-_R7_ 08:31:22

Have a nice day Folks