Pictures : My friend(Toto), that comes to visit me almost every day, how could one not love this little guy?!?! I think I have mentioned on my blog that I have pets that come by and visit me now and then, and Toto is a regular. I always look forward to seeing Toto, he brightens my day a bit. Of Course, I always get to chat with his owner (John) which I also enjoy.

Toto 04-7D2_ 08:21:22

Rain : We got rain last night and this morning, and it is raining now! Man, I am enjoying this rain! It is a very good thing for this area.

Lazy Sunday : This one has been a lazy Sunday for sure.

Later Folks


Purple Flower

Pictures : Few of these little flowers around.

iPhone shot.
Pruple I_08:16:2022

Happening : Not much happening today. I did get out for a bit and visit my friend Mickey, and she is doing okay, and seems to be in good enough spirits. I think she’s doing better than I would, if I just had the heart attack, she did.

Also : Did just a little shopping and that is about it.

Rain/Roof : We did get more rain, so great! One good thing about my roof, I got the critical work done to ensure that I didn’t have any leaks before all this rain, good timing on my part, this round.

Hope everyone is having a fine weekend.

Color in the Desert

Pictures : iPhone shots from a walk. I am loving all the rain, it is bringing out a little color in the desert.



Weather : We have been getting rain everyday now for a bit, and that is most excellent. Hey, it just started in on another good rain, I like it. I always like the sound of rain hitting a roof, especially if it’s a tin roof, of course rubber roofs like on the RV are not near as much fun. Still, the sound of it is smoothing to hear.

Exercise : I walked 4 days this week. I had stopped walking when I went to work on the RV roof, but as I got slacker and slacker on that, I didn’t get back to walking. My friend having a heart attack kind of shock me into reality again, that said β€œOld man, you better get to walking again!”. So, I have started back doing my morning walks.

Have a nice day, Folks.

Just Add Water

Pictures : Another iPhone shot, this little mushroom (which was about 3 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) tall) was growing out in the sandy desert where I walk. The rain has things growing.

Wet Desert I_08:16:2022jpg

Activities : Mostly enjoying the cooler weather. I did take my walk this morning and did a little laundry later on, but that is about it. Anymore when I do laundry I make a point to vacuum the floor in the little laundry space we have. The building is maybe 144 Square feet, so not very big. My excuse for not working on the roof this week, is the high percentage chance of rain we have, and it has rained a lot this week.

Yesterday I wrote the above and was thinking I might add more to it, but forgot about it completely, so it gets posted today along with another post later today.

Hope everyone had a good yesterday, πŸ˜€.

Long Ride

Pictures : Another iPhone shot from my walk Tuesday.

Snap 06-I_ 08:16:22

Long Ride : Well, I got my friends picked up from the Airport. Man, that seems like a long drive, to me anymore. We got a good rain here today, but it happens to start just as I got on the road to the Airport, My first 60 miles (96.56 km) were slow miles because it was raining hard. After that, it went pretty smooth.

Night Folks

Back to Walking

Pictures : I took a walk this morning and snapped a few shots with my iPhone. Here are a couple.

The rain has made a lot of these show up.
Wild Thing 00-I 08:16:22

Large area full of them.
Fields 10-I_ 08:16:22

Walking: Okay, since I am not doing much on the RV, that means it is time to get back to my walking, so I walked a couple miles this morning.

Little Extra : I did jump over the fence and remove a few weeds that were popping up. I will likely go back over in a day or two and remove some stumps left over from the Mesquite bushes I took out a few weeks back.

Health : My doctor’s appointment and my friend having a heart attack has made thoughts of health come to my mind. I really need to start doing better with my eating habits. Need to start counting the exercise mileage and the calorie accumulations, 😩. I need to do better.

Have a nice day, Folks.

Doc Day

Today I had an appointment with my Doctor. Blood pressure high, and that’s just from my judgment, not even considering numbers. Doctors always worry me, that’s just the bottom line. Actually, I have a pretty high respect for most doctors and higher end nurses, 95% of them have given me reasonable service. However, when it comes to their administrative offices, I lose all faith. This especially applies to government offices, however it also applies to non-government offices somewhat. Although I’ve done a bit of pencil pushing myself, (Mind you, not a lot) I’m always surprised at the arrogance that some pencil pushing people get. Not talking about writers and such, but admin type folks. You know, the ones like who work in a Social Security office somewhere and with a check mark of a pen, you become a dead person!
I have known two folks that were killed off by SS while they were still walking around. Man oh man, that is a mess that the killed off individual must deal with, kind of with their own expensive of time, and cost. I have known one veteran that got killed off by the VA too. None of these people, ever got an explanation of why or how this happens. Nothing more fun them hearing the person on the other end of the line say,β€œOur Records show you as deceased.”!

Okay, that is my rant for today. I’ve been on a roll of late, haven’t I? Anybody got one of them chill pills? LOL. I’m teasing about the pill now, don’t anybody start sending me pills, besides I’d be afraid that you were one of those admin people, out to get even with me for writing bad things about you, and give me a pill that really chilled me!!!

Maybe I should stop blogging, because I am starting to show way too much of my psyche. Just kidding, gotta have a little fun with this.

I haven’t gotten anything done on the RV for a spell now. Looking for that motivation that I so need right now.

OK, I’m gonna call it a day, before I get into any more trouble. Have a nice evening, folks.


Today, I went out to the other RV park and emptied out my friend’s car that she had been loading with stuff when she had her heart attack. Wednesday, I will take her car and drive to the airport in El Paso to pick up her sister and brother-in-law, who will be staying with her for a while. The Docs want someone around her at all time for a bit. Likely a very good ideal.

Thinking of my slump, I guess that I have always been like this with projects that are never ending, such as, repairing old vehicles, or old houses. They just go and go, and then you realize, OK, this is never going to get finished. Repeating task are not so bad, at least you get done with them for a while, such things, like laundry, cleaning, mowing, setting up a new computer or figuring out computer problems, and so on. Unlike, when you move into an old house and realize doing all the repairs by yourself is going to take the next 10 years. Task that take a couple of days or a couple of weeks are not bad, however tasks that run into months or years are not the ones for me. So … to get done with these long-winded tasks, I do believe that I’m going to have to take a break from them occasionally. I just flat do not want to work the same thing every day, endlessly, even if I need to. The other day I kind of enjoyed cleaning up the RV lot, and today I enjoyed going out to unloading my friend car. Come next Wednesday I will enjoy going to the Airport, I like doing stuff, I just hate never ending stuff!
Okay, it’s this dang RV roof, that is wearing me down, might not have been so bad if the repairing before me had not been such a mess, because the work was done in such a sloppy, lazy and unintelligent manner that it is costing me a lot of extra labor getting it cleaned up to a point, at which I might have a decent chance of getting it done right myself.

Okay, enough of my nonsense. Hope everyone had a fine weekend.


It is the weekend, and I am doing much of nothing. I am doing much of nothing way too often of late … πŸ€”. For some reason, I’m suffering a bit of lost on the ambition side of life. Actually, I think it’s all tied to the labor side, I just don’t got any love for physical labor anymore, LOL. Maybe I’ll come around and shake myself out of this sooner or later. Guess, I will have to at some point, things need done.

Slowly getting involve in some things and problems other folks should be taking care of. At the other RV Park. Okay, I best drop this trend of thought before it goes south, LOL. I could really go on a rant here but, I save this kind of thing for in person friends, because they understand what an old grouch I am! Got to keep the negativity out of my blog, ☺️. I am going to be good now … I am … I promise … I … I, LOL.

Perhaps, the above is why us old men have just got to talk about the weather so much. It’s such a peaceful subject, and is hard to get into trouble with.
So it is pretty decent out, temperature wise, coming in at just under 90 ℉, not bad. Although I’m still content to be inside, even at 90. This morning when I got up, I could see that it had rain just a little last night, which is a good thing. The more rain, the better for this area. The sun is out, and there is a mild breeze. See this paragraph surely will not upset anyone, LOL. Once upon a time I was out walking in the woods as this cold breeze came up on me, and then, … LOL.

Good weekend, Folks.

Tiny Doing’s

Today’s and yesterday’s afternoon tiny adventures. I got out in the afternoon and did a little raking around the RV lot yesterday, cleaning up pine needles and putting them in piles. This morning I borrowed the wheelbarrow from the landlord and haul the pine needles into the back fields. After that, I re-positioned 3 of my concrete pavers so that they are a bit closer together now. I had put them too far apart. Did a couple more small chores around here. Before all this, I had taken a run out to the Low-Hi RV park and talked with some folks. So all this pretty much took up the morning time.

Wish I have some new and exciting stuff for you folks, but my life is just pretty non-exciting and everything is about the same every day, at this time in my life, sorry. Wish I could be out seeing new and different places, that would be so nice. I miss it, but traveling is not in the cards for now.

The afternoon heat is coming in now {Not real bad, but still hot (About 90)} so I am chilling in the RV.

Have a nice day, Folks.