Pictures : Here are a couple shots of a bee, and these are not my strong suit when it comes to photographing. However, this bee was there and so was I, so here you go.

Bee-2 11_R7_ 09-24-22-2

Bee 13_R7_ 09-24-22

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


The poplar Birds

Pictures : More of the House Finches. I have many of these visiting, most frequent visitors by far.

Male house Finch.
House Finch 03_R7_ 09-22-22

Female House Finch
House Finch 01_R7_ 09-22-22

Knees : I woke this morning with the left knee hurting a bit, however I had a fine walk this morning, and it feels okay for now.

Everyone, have a nice day.


Pictures : One clipped butterfly and one gray butterfly, or moth?

Butterfly 10_R7_ 09-24-22

Butterfly 09_R7_ 09-24-22

Weather : The weather is excellent today, and the forecast says more good weather to come, 🙂.

Have a nice day Folks

A Bird or Two

Pictures : Here is a Lesser Gold Finch and a House Finch. Some birds pics for a change, but it will be back to butterflies tomorrow. Figure I should take advantage of the butterflies while they are around.

Lesser Gold Finch 05_R7_ 09-23-22

House Finch 04_R7_ 09-23-22

Weather : We had a little rain last night, a very good thing for the area. Seems to have bought in a bit cooler weather too, and I like that part.

Exercise/Knees : The old knees have been holding up well, but I did feel a little pain in my walk this morning. Perhaps, I am adding too many bird walks in. Maybe I should do one or the other (exercise or birding walk), and not both in the same day. As always, I will adjust as needed.

Have a nice day Folks

More 🦋🦋🦋

Pictures : I am enjoying shooting these butterflies. I got lucky with finding a nice little spot nearby with lots of butterflies (for this area anyway). Nice little change of shooting for me. I need to get out more and look for things to shoot.

Butterfly 14-7D2_ 09-19-22

Butterfly 13-7D2_ 09-19-22

Sunday : enjoying a peaceful Sunday, relaxing and watching the birds at the feeders.

Have a nice day Folks

Bug and Butterfly

Pictures : On one of my camera walks, I took these two shots.

Bug 10-7D2_ 09-19-22-2

Butterfly 09-7D2_ 09-19-22

Morning Stroll : I took the R7 and EF 100-400 mm for a little walk this morning. Should get into some of those shots for the blog next week sometimes. It’ll be more butterflies, hope you folks aren’t tiring of them. These camera walks are usually a half mile to a mile long, and last 45 minutes to an hour. For me, they are very enjoyable and relaxing. I miss being places where I can just combine my daily walk with my camera walks, such as Blue Water State Park, NM.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Blending In

Pictures : Here a couple of butterflies that do blend into the environment very well. These shot with the 7D II and EF 300 lens.

Butterfly 05-7D2_ 09-19-22

This one is a small butterfly, between a dime and nickel size.
SMALL Butterfly 04-7D2_ 09-19-22

Night Folks