Pictures : I have let my bird feeding drop off, and I don’t have many birds coming around now. However, I can always depend on the House finches, 😀.
I have let a lot of my post-processing skills slack up. I need to brush up a bit. In this image, the background was sunlit and the bird was in the shade. I could have done processing to make both look right, but I just worked on the bird mostly and let the background blow out a bit.

One of the things I have noticed with this camera (R7) is if I am not careful I’ll have way too much sharpness in an image, so I didn’t sharpen this image at all. What do you think, is this image sharp enough, or does it need more?

Do give this image a couple of clicks for the bigger picture.
Ms Finch 01-_R7_ 08:31:22

Exercise : Today, I didn’t walk, but I did work for a couple of hours taking out some weeds around my RV lot.

Have a nice day Folks