More Weeds

Pictures : I like when I take Macro shots and see things I don’t see with just my eyes. Maybe I should see, but my eyes are old, 🤔. For example, when standing over the plate of the first shot, I see no yellow what-so-ever and I can’t tell that they are a bit fuzzy.

Weed 13-_R7_ 09:03:22

Tall Weed 21-_R7_ 09:03:22

Note: See P.S. below. Firmware Update : I have run into my first problem with the R7. A firmware update, that is grayed out after about the third or fourth step. It gets to the point of where there is a screen that shows …

Firmware Update
Version 101 to 110
Cancel or OK

The above may not be exact, but it gets to a point something like above and, the OK is grayed out. I can’t find a way around it. Tech support, I guess. I can’t find anything online about it. If there is anyone with any insight, I will sure listen to them. Meanwhile, everything is working fine, best I can tell.

Have a nice day Folks

P.S. Hey, I found my solution to updating the firmware! Weirdly enough all the steps have been done with a touchscreen up to that point, but there I had to make the mechanical selection and not a touchscreen Selection, I just had to use the direction buttons on the camera itself, problem solved.

I found the solution on DPreview from, for a different camera, but it worked for this camera too.
Firmware Update solution

Don’t look like it had anything I needed, but I like keeping things updated anyway.