Thank you Monsoons

Pictures : The monsoons this year really brought a lot of little decorations to the surrounding desert. I am enjoying it, while it last.

Lots of these plants about, most are about 1.5 feet in diameter.
Wild P 23-_R7_ 09:03:22

These are everywhere, and I do enjoy shooting them. I see some of them are starting to lose their pebbles, so I guess it won’t be long before they are gone, 🙁.
Wild F 25-_R7_ 09:03:22

Weather : It has been pretty nice over all, with the temperatures hitting about 90 ℉ most days and the evenings cooling to a very relaxing temperature. I am able to set and watch the birds with my door open and the swamp cooler running in the background, and stay very comfortable.

Have a nice day Folks