Sunning Finch

Pictures : This House Finch was enjoying the sun as he watched all the action at the feeders.

Finch sunning 122_R7_ 09-06-22

Slack Feeding : I stopped feeding the birds for a while, and it is taking a little time to get some of my favorite ones back. Mostly I have the House Finches, Doves, and House Sparrow (The Sparrows are not wanted). A couple of the regulars that are missing are the Pyrrhuloxia and the Cactus Wrens. I have not been using the Quail Blocks, so the Quails are not coming around as much to feed, however they do come in the evening to roost in the trees they usually grab a few seeds before heading up into the trees. I am really close in to the city and that causes me to get a lot of the Doves and House Sparrows (Both City Birds), and I get more of those two than I want.

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