Just a Dove

Pictures : Here is one of the many Doves that like to visit my feeding area.

White-Winged Dove.
White-wing 109_R7_ 09-04-22

R7 : I am still getting used to the auto tracking on my R7 and I find my self trying to track the focus point, LOL. (That is why the Dove’s head is so near the top of the image) It is a good problem to have, 😀. The auto subject tracking is wonderful, and I am impressed with it. The other day I was shooting a flower that the wind was blowing about a bit and the camera was tracking it. I had it set for animal tracking, so I wonder what kind of animal the camera thought it was?! LOL. I am loving the camera, and wish I could buy a half dozen of the new RF lens to go with it, but those things are very costly! The two that I most yearn for are the RF 100 Micro and of course the RF 100-500. All is well though, I still have lots of EF lens, and they will do fine for now.

Full-Time : Today is my 15th full-time birthday, I actually pulled out on the road on the 10th of September, but my first full day was 9/11 of 07.
Not sure if you can call what I have been doing for the last 3 years RVing, but I am still in a RV, and I still love the ideal that my house has wheels, and I can go at will.

Have a nice evening Folks