Pictures : Not a great shot, but it was nice to see some butterflies. Here I was testing the EF 300 mm lens on the new camera and I didn’t have things right, and was having a hard time getting the focus right. Plus, I don’t guess I can see like I used to, didn’t even realize it was two butterflies until I looked at the picture on the computer.

Butterfly 07_R7_ 09-11-22

7D Mark II : Took the EF 300 mm Lens and the 7D II out today and got a few I liked, I will post a couple tomorrow, it will be a Gold Finch. I also took a couple more shots of the Butterflies … seems like the only time I can catch them being still, is when they are getting busy. Anyway, I’ll post the Butterflies again in a couple of days, and this time I think I got a bit better images.

Doctor : Had a phone appointment with the Doctor today. The phone thing, is something the VA is doing much more now-a-days. At any rate, I came away feeling like I am going to get more out of this Doctor than I was getting with the local Doctor. She spent 90 minutes on the phone with me and I feel like she was listening. We will see how things go with all the follow-up appointments with all the specialist 🤞. One good thing is that I am going for blood work tomorrow. I have to drive about 60 miles away (120 Round trip), but maybe I can recover some expense in reimbursement for travel.

Okay, have a nice day Folks