Before and After

Pictures : I was out looking for butterflies yesterday and I only had the 7D Mark II with the EF 300 mm lens with me. While out, I walked in an area that had some Lesser Gold Finches flying around, so I give it a try. The first image is the shot I got and was thinking I won’t get much out of this, but I did get it to clean up pretty well, I think. Please click the images a couple of times to get the bigger pictures.

Start Image 06-7D2_ 09-13-22-2

After. Not the best shot I have ever taken, but I was pleased that it cleaned up as well as it did.
Lesser Gold-Finch 06-7D2_ 09-13-22

Here’s a grasshopper, also taken with the 7D mark II and EF 300 mm F/4 lens.
Hopper 02-7D2_ 09-13-22

Silver City : I had planned on going to Silver City today, but I put that off until tomorrow. I’ll spend a bit of time up there, going to the VA, stop in at Walmart (it is a bigger store than the one here), stop by Harbor freight and the Hardware store (it’s a bigger store too). Plus, it is about 3 hours of driving for me, I don’t go very fast

Have a nice day Folks

P.S. Tomorrow’s Pictures, Will be more (Butterflies Gone Wild)!